Universa Blockchain Technologies Will Be Used In BRICS Digital Bank Project

The power of Universa Blockchain smart contracts will enforce the security of trade deals and logistics in the cross-country blockchain project

(Moscow, Russia — January 31, 2021)

On January 29, 2021, BRICS IT, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association and Universa Blockchain signed a Partnership Agreement concerning the implementation of Swiss-based BRICS Digital Bank project. As a part of the agreement, the Universa Blockchain system will power the operations of the BRICS Settlement Center when using digital assets and currencies issued by BRICS and BRICS+ member states, in addition to trade and logistics transactions.

Before that, Universa Blockchain founder and CEO Alexander Borodich was appointed co-chairman of BRICS Digital Settlement Center task force unit, together with Yin Bin (member of the Board of Directors for “BRICS Digital Bank” task force).

Alexander Borodich, Universa Blockchain founder and CEO, added the comment on the barriers between countries fuelling the demand for digitization of the world’s leading economies after the COVID19 pandemic: “We are counting on Universa technologies to play the decisive role in implementing the Digital Bank project and help millions of people, including those who have never heard the word “blockchain”, to enjoy all the advantages of the 21st century digital economy.

Oleg Sobolev, the Head of the Association and Vice President of the “New Silk Road BRICS” global commerce and logistics IT platform (, which issued the first BRICS cryptocurrency, comments: “Technological cooperation adds momentum to the development of the Digital Bank. Previously, we have signed a cooperation agreement with Joys Platform OÜ, which is part of BRICS Business Council, to establish BRICS payment system, based on the “New Silk Road BRICS” global commerce and logistics IT platform”.

Earlier in July 2020, Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI) and Universa Hub Africa signed the Strategic Partnership for National Blockchain, using the latest Universa Blockchain technologies and available to the general public in Tunisia, for end-user usage as well as for future integration with government operations and business processes.

In September 30, DMCC — the world’s flagship Free Zone and Government of Dubai Authority on commodities trade and enterprise — has announced the launch of the DigitalSugar Trading Platform ( in partnership with the world’s largest sugar refinery, Al Khaleej Sugar, and Universa Blockchain. Developed using Universa’s blockchain technology, DigitalSugar is the first global exchange to offer traders and investors raw sugar on a spot basis, rather than the more common options or futures contracts offered by other current exchanges.

Universa Blockchain is the multi-national company delivering the blockchain and decentralized security technologies all over the world. Launched in 2017 and running the public Mainnet since April 12, 2018, it uses the Ricardian self-enforcing smart contracts methodology to less-intrusive blockchain integration with existing business processes, and provides a great portfolio of blockchain-based technologies, including UDC (platform to launch CBDC), Ubots (decentralized application platform with flexibility between sharding and decentralization and oracle-ready dApps written on regular JavaScript), U8 (modern asynchronous and high-performance JavaScript/ECMAScript runtime based on V8 engine), Parsec (Internet security layer replacing both SSL/TLS and domain registrars/ICANN with the common blockchain-maintained data storage, making both the domains and certificates control censorship-resistant and decentralized) and others.

“New Silk Road BRICS” is a commerce and logistics platform initiated by the BRICS Transport and Energy Associations, based on resolutions by the heads of China, Russia, South African Republic and Brazil, which uses digital assets and tokens in actual foreign trade transactions.




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